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IONS Québec 2016 participants get a special deal at Hôtel Universel, the hotel that is nearest to the conference activities (definitely walking distance). The price per person and per night is approximately $65 CAD before taxes, which means roughly $78 CAD after taxes. This deal includes WiFi and spa access. Please note that this is the price per person for double occupancy. For single occupancy, you will have to pay the full room (double the price). If you come with a friend, you can tell us in the registration form and we will pair you in a room. Otherwise, we will pair together people of the same sex.

Please note that you only need to tell us if you take this specific hotel during the registration procedure. We will transmit the list of people directly to them and you can pay once you do your check-in on the first day of the conference. Please, do NOT make a separate booking by yourself.

Other hotels in Québéc City are mainly concentrated on boulevard Laurier (close to the city bridges) or close to the Old City. Both these areas are connected to the university campus by a very efficient metrobus service (800/801). Please note that you DO need to book your hotel by yourself if you do not choose to stay at Hôtel Universel.